Hyundai Accent (2016-2017) – fuses diagram

Hyundai Accent (2016-2017) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2016, 2017

Dashboard (fuse panel on the driver’s side)

Hyundai Accent – fuses – dashboard (driver side)


Fuse Ampere current [A]. Protected component
POWER SOCKET 15 Cigarette lighter and power socket (power socket)
C / LIGHTER 15 Cigarette lighter and power socket (cigarette lighter)
ACC 10 Audio, exterior exterior mirror switch
A / BAG IND 10 Instrument cluster (airbag IND.)
BAG 10 SRS control module, Telltale, passenger detection sensor
T / SIG 10 Threat switch
MDPS 10 EPS control module
RR WIPER 15 Multifunction switch, rear wiper motor
FOG LAMP FRT 10 Front fog lamp relay
DRL 10 DRL (daytime running light) relay
STOP LIGHT 15 Stop lamp switch, battery sensor, stop lamp relay, E / R fuse and relay box (HAC relay), data link connector
GROUP 10 Instrument cluster (MICOM, IND.), BCM
IG1 10 Stop light switch, ECO switch, driver/passenger seat heater module, tire pressure monitoring module, ATM ILL shift lever switch. EPS control module, rheostat
ABS 10 ABS control module, ESC control module, ESC switch, E / R fuse and relay box (multifunction connector, HAC relay).
B / UP LAMP 10 Reversing lamp switch
1IG2 10 Window lift relay, air conditioning control module, instrument cluster (MICOM), BCM, sunroof motor, air conditioning fuse and relay box (blower relay)
2IG2 10 Air conditioning control module, BCM, SMK unit, wiper control unit
ANSWER 10 Hazard relay, hazard switch
SUNROOF 15 Sunroof motor
TCU 15 Vehicle speed sensor, transmission range switch
WIPER FRT 25 Multifunction switch (wiper), front wiper motor
DR LOCK 20 Door lock/unlock relay, tailgate unlock relay, driver’s door lock actuator
SECURITY WINDOW 25 Electrically operated security window module
S / HEATER 15 Driver / passenger seat heater module
ROOM LP 1 10 Instrument cluster (IND., ILL.), Tire pressure monitoring module, BCM, Air conditioning control module, Trunk light, Trunk light, Center room light, Overhead console light, Map light
AUDIO 20 Audio
LH REAR LAMP 10 LH rear combination light, LH front light, LH / RH position light (4DOOR), position light (5DOOR)
RH REAR LAMP 10 Right front lamp, right rear combination lamp, rheostat, audio, right front turn signal, hazard light switch, instrument cluster (ILL. +), AUX and USB socket, ESC switch, air conditioning switch, ECO switch, multifunction switch ( Remote control), air conditioning control module, rear defogger switch, front defogger switch, shift lever switch ATM ILL.
START 10 Transmission range switch, ignition lock switch
H / LAMP 10 Instrument cluster, engine compartment fuse and relay box (headlight relay)
P / WDW LH 25 Windshield lifter master switch, left window lifter switch
P / WDW RH 25 Windshield lifter master switch, Right rear window lifter switch, Passenger window lifter switch
HTD MIRR 10 ECM, PCM, rear window defogger switch, driver’s side exterior mirror, driver’s side exterior mirror
A / CON 10 Air conditioning control module (Auto A / C)
DMUCHER 10 ECM, PCM, blower switch, blower resistor, air conditioning control module (manual air conditioning)

Engine compartment main fuse panel

Hyundai Accent – fuses – engine compartment
Fuse Ampere current [A]. Protected component
MULTIFUSE MDPS 80 EPS control module
DMUCHER 40 Blower relay
RR HTD 40 Junction box I / P (rear defogger relay)
ABS 2 40 ABS control module, ESC control module
ABS 1 40 ABS control module, ESC control module, universal control connector
ALT 125 Alternator, fuse and relay box E / R (Multifunction fuse: ABS 1, ABS 2, MDPS, RR HTD, DMUCHAWA, Fuse: A / CON)
B + 1 50 Junction box I / P (Power connector fuse: ROOM LP 1, AUDIO, Fuse: FOG LP FRT, ROOM LP 2, STOP LP, Relay: tail lamp)
FUSE IG2 40 Start relay, ignition switch
IG1 40 Ignition switch
ECU 1 30 Fuse: ECU 2, engine control relay
C / FAN 40 Cooling fan relay (high), cooling fan relay (low)
B + 2 50 Junction box I / P (Fuse: S / HEATER, SUNROOF, DR LOCK, RAZARD, Relay: Windshield lifter)
HORN 10 Horn relay
F / PUMP 10 Fuel pump relay
H / LAMP RH 10 RH headlamp
H / LAMPA LH 10 Headlamp LH
INSPECTOR 15 ECM, PCM, oil control valve #1 / #2, lambda probe (up) / (down), fuel pump relay
SENSOR 10 ECM, PCM, canister drain solenoid control valve, variable inlet solenoid valve, canister shut-off valve, immobilizer module, air conditioning relay, cooling fan relay (high), cooling fan relay (low)
IGN COIL 15 Ignition coil # 1 ~ # 4, condenser
LAMP B / UP 10 PCM, transmission range switch, instrument cluster, LH / RH rear combination lamp, ATM ILL shift lever switch.
WIPER 10 ECM, PCM, multifunction switch (wiper), front wiper motor.