Jeep Grand Cherokee (2012-2013) – fuse diagram

Jeep Grand Cherokee (2012-2013) – fuse diagram

Year of production: 2012, 2013

Fully integrated power module

Thefully integrated power module (TIPM) is located in the engine compartment

Recess Cartridge fuse Micro fuse Description
J01 40 A green Air suspension
J02 30 A pink Lift gate module
J03 30 A pink Trailer Tow
J04 Natural 25 Amp Driver’s door node
J05 Natural 25 Amp Passenger door node
J06 40 A green Anti-lock brake pump / stability control system
J07 30 A pink Anti-lock brake valve / stability control system
J08 40 A green Electric seat
J09 30 A pink Electric brake
J10 30 A pink Contac headlight washer relay
J11 30 A pink Powertrain control module
J12 30 A pink Rear defroster
J13 60 Amp yellow Main ignition switch (IOD) intake
J14 20 Amps blue Trailer towing lamps / parking lamps
J15 40 A green Fan / blower at the front of the cabin
J17 40 A green Starter solenoid valve
J18 20 A blue Transmission range of the drive train control module / drive train control module
J19 60 Amp yellow High speed of the radiator fan motor / Low level of the radiator fan motor
J20 30 Amp pink Front windshield wiper
J21 20 A blue Front / rear washer control
J22 Natural 25 Amp Sunroof module
M1 15 amp blue Stop lights
M2 Yellow 20 Amp Electronic differential / air suspension
M3 Yellow 20 Amp Liftgate / head restraint
M5 Natural 25 Amp 115 V AC inverter
M6 Yellow 20 Amp Lighter
M7 Yellow 20 Amp Power socket #2 (switched)
M8 Yellow 20 Amp Front heated seat and steering wheel
M9 Yellow 20 Amp Rear heated seats
M10 15 amp blue Video / universal garage door opener
M11 10 A red Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (climate control system)
M12 30 A green Radio / amplifier
M13 Yellow 20 Amp Instrument Cluster
M14 Yellow 20 Amp Reversing camera
M15 Yellow 20 Amp Electrically adjustable seat module (i) / Adaptive cruise control / Audio telematics / Daytime running light relay / Air suspension module / Instrument cluster
M16 10 amp red Passenger security controller
M19 Natural 25 Amp Automatic shutdown 1 and 2
M20 15 A blue Instrument Cluster
M21 Yellow 20 Amp Automatic shutdown 3
M22 10 A red Horns (low / high) – clockwise
M23 10 A red Horns (low / high) – to the left
M24 25 Amp Nature Rear wiper
M25 Yellow 20 Amp Fuel pump motor output / diesel lift pump (export only)
M26 10 A red Driver’s door switch assembly
M27 10 A red Ignition switch / wireless control module / keyless access module
M28 15 A blue Powertrain controller / Transmission controller
M29 10 A red Tire pressure monitor
M30 15 A blue Diagnostic connector J1962
M31 Yellow 20 Amp Backup lamps
M32 10 Amp Red Passenger security controller
M33 10 A red Powertrain Controller / Transmission Controller
M34 10 A red Parking assist module / Air conditioning module / Infrared sensor / Compass module
M35 15 A blue Left rear parking lights
M36 Yellow 20 Amp Power socket
M37 10 A red Anti-lock brake / stability control system module
M38 Natural 25 Amp All door locking and unlocking

WARNING: Terminal and wire harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model and market.