KIA Sorento (2011 – 2013) – fuses diagram

KIA Sorento (2011 – 2013) – fuse box diagram

Year of production: 2011, 2012, 2013

Internal fuse panel

Description Fuse [A]. Protected component
MODULE 2 10 Instrument cluster (IND./MICOM), tire pressure monitoring module, audio, multifunction switch (remocon), rear ICM relay box ICM relay buzzer (DBC relay), ESC switch, DBC switch, steering angle sensor, alternator, smart key control A/V module and navigation head unit, rear monitor, IPM (BCM IG1)
MODULE 1 10 Smart key control module, rear parking assist control module E / R fuse and relay box (fuse – B / UP LP, ABS, ECU 2), PDM, 4WD ECM
RPAS 7,5 Rear parking assist switch
A / BAG IND 10 Instrument cluster (IND.), PODS module, digital clock
BAG 15 SRS control module
START 7,5 E / R fuse and relay box (Relay – Start, Sub Start, Burglar Alarm), PDM
RR WIPER 15 ICM relay module (rear wiper relay), rear wiper motor wiper switch, rear washer switch
WIPER FRT 25 E / R fuse and relay box (wiper relay (low)), front wiper motor, multifunction switch (wiper)
AUDIO 2 7,5 AMP, exterior exterior mirror switch, smart key control module, PDM, audio, A / V and navigation head unit, digital clock, IPM (BCM ACC), DVD player box, rear monitor
P / OUTLET RR 15 Rear power socket
P / OUTLET FRT 25 Driver / passenger power socket
MODULE 3 7,5
A / CON 7,5 Front A/C control module, active incar sensor, instrument cluster ionization, PDM, ICM relay box (front seat heater relay, rear A/C relay) A/C fuse and relay box (blower relay), sunroof motor, electrochromic mirror, IPM (BCM IG2)
DRL 7,5 Ground (GE01)
A / CON MANU 7,5 PCM, front blower resistor, front air conditioning control module
A / CON AUTO 7,5 Front air conditioning control module
B / A HORN 10 Burglar alarm signal relay
A / CON REAR 20 ICM Relay Box (rear air conditioning relay)
P / WDW LH 25 Driver’s window lifter relay, window lifter master switch, left window lifter switch, driver’s safety window lifter module
P / WDW RH 25 Passenger window lift relay, main window lift switch Passenger window lift switch, right rear window lift module
MODULE 15 Audio, A / V and navigation head unit, RF receiver, IPM (BCM B +), rear monitor
LP ROOM 10 Instrument cluster (IND.), Digital clock, A/C front control unit data link connector, Door warning switch, Personal room lamp Room lamp Auto cut-off relay, Console top lamp (MAP lamp) Room lamp, Cargo lamp, Driver / passenger vanity lamp Electro Chromic Mirror
DOOR LP 10 Driver / passenger door indicator lamp, DVD player box
DR LOCK 20 Door lock/unlock relay, ICM relay module (two-turn unlock relay) Driver / passenger door lock adjusting element, left / right door lock adjusting element
SUNROOF 20 Sunroof motor
WISE KEY 10 PDM, smart key control module, start stop button switch, FOB handle, key solenoid
S / HTR FRT 20 ICM Relay Box (front seat heater relay)
P / SEAT 30 Driver’s seat switch, Driver’s lumbar switch
4WD 10 4WD ECM, Sport mode switch
RISK 15 IPM (Flasher Unit)
F / LID 15 Tailgate relay, tailgate actuator, fuel filler door switch
TPMS 10 Tire pressure monitoring module
HTD MIRR 10 Driver/passenger exterior mirror power supply, front air conditioning control module

Engine compartment

Description Fuse [A]. Protected circuit
ALT 175 Alternator
MULTI FUSE I / P B + 2 60 IPM (Fuse – S / HTR FRT, P / SEAT, Power Connector – MODULE, Room LP DOOR LP)
DMUCHER 40 Blower relay
RR HTD 40 Rear defogger relay
ABS 1 40 ESC control module, universal control connector
ABS 2 40 ESC control module, Multipurpo se control connector
I / P B + 3 60 IPM (fuse – DANGER, TPMS, F / LID)
SECURITY IGN 2 40 Starting relay, without smart key – ignition switch, with smart key – PDM relay box (IGN2 relay)T.
FILE SIGN 30 Trailer power socket
IGN 1 30 Without smart key – ignition switch, with smart key – PDM relay box (IGN1 relay)
HORN 15 Horn relay
STOP LP 15 Stop light switch, ICM relay module (DBC relay)
SENSOR B + 15 Battery sensor
REPLACER 15 Front wiper defroster relay
C / FAN 50 Cooling fan relay low / high
I / P B + 4 50 IPM (Fuse – P / WDW LH, P / WDW RH, B / A HORN, A / CON REAR, AMP)
ECU 2 7,5 Sub-start relay, PCM, transmission range switch, alternator (G6DC)
ABS 7,5 ESC control module, multifunction connector, stop light switch (G4KE)
B / UP LP 7,5 Reversing lamp relay (A / T), Reversing lamp switch (M / T)
EMS BOX ECU 30 Engine control relay
ECU 3 20 G4KE – Ignition coil No. 1/2/3/4, condenserG6DC– Ignition coil No. 1/2/3/4/5/6, condenser No. 1/2
SENSOR 1 10 G4KE – Variable intake manifold valve, crankshaft position sensor, immobilizer module, camshaft Positionsensor No. 1/2, oil control valve No. 1/2, canister emptying solenoid control valve,canister closing valve, cooling fan relay (low)
G6DC – Variable intake manifold valve No. 1/2, immobilizer module, canister emptying control solenoid Valve, oil control valve No.1/2 (exhaust), oil control valve No. 1/2 (inlet), canisterclosingValve
SENSOR 2 10 G6DC – Cooling fan relay (low), stop lamp switch
SENSOR 3 10 G4KE – Injector No. 1/2/3/4, air conditioning relay
G6DC – PCM, injector No. 1/2/3/4/5/6, air conditioning relay
SENSOR 4 15 G4KE – Increase/decrease oxygen sensor, fuel pump relay
G6DC – PCM, lambda probe No. 1/2/3/4, fuel pump relay, variable speed charge actuator
ECU 1 15 PCM
A / CON 10 A/C relay
F / PUMP 15 Fuel pump relay