Nissan Juke (2011 – 2017) – fuses diagram

Nissan Juke (2011-2017) – fuse diagram

Year of production: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Fuse box in the passenger compartment

Nissan Juke – fuse diagram – passenger compartment


FOR Component
F1 20A Socket, cigarette lighter, audio system, electric mirrors
F2 10 A Public address system
F3 10 A Mounting block in the engine compartment
F4 15A Fan blower relay
F5 10 A Air conditioner
F6 15A Fan blower relay
F7 10 A Additional equipment
F8 10 A Set of indicators
F9 20A Trailer equipment
F10 10 A Interior lighting
F11 15A Seat heating
F12 10 A Mirror heating
F13 10 A Instrument cluster
F14 10 A Additional equipment
F15 10 A Additional equipment
F 16 10 A Washers
F17 10 A SRS
R1 Relay of optional equipment
R2 Blower fan relay

Engine compartment fuse panel


Nissan Juke – fuse
box diagram – engine compartment – location

Fuse box 1

Nissan Juke – fuse box diagram – engine compartment
(box 1)
ZA Component
F1 20A Heated rear window, heated mirrors
F2 Not used
F3 20A Motor management system
F4 Not used
F5 30A Windshield washers/wipers
F6 10 A Right parking lights
F7 10 A Left parking light
F8 Not used
F9 10 A A/C system compressor clutch
F10 15A Fog lights
F11 10 A Driving lamp (right)
F12 10 A Traffic lamp (left)
F13 15A Passing lamp (left)
F14 15A Passing lamp (right)
F15 10 A Engine management system
F 16 10 A Reversing light bulbs
F17 10 A Anti-theft system
F18 Not used
F19 Not used
F20 15A Fuel pump
F21 15A Ignition system
F22 15A Injection system
F23 Not used
F24 15A Power steering
R8 Rear window heater relay
R17 Cooling fan relay (-)
R18 Cooling fan relay (+)
R20 Ignition system relay

Fuse box 2

Nissan Juke
– fuse box diagram – engine compartment (box 2)
ZA Component
1 50 A. ABS
2) 10 A Stop signal
3) 40 A. Ignition system, electric windows, ABS
4 10 A W
5 10 A Horn, generator
6 20A Public address system
7 10 A W
8 60 A. Electric power steering
8 30A Headlight washer
8 30A ABS
9 50 A. Cooling fan
10 Horn relay