Nissan Navara (1997 – 2004) – fuses diagram

Nissan Navara (1997 – 2004) – fuse diagram

Year of production: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Fuse box in the passenger compartment

Located on the right side of the glove box, behind the protective cover.

Nissan Navara – fuse diagram – passenger compartment


FOR Component
1 Relays 1 main ignition circuits
2) Auxiliary ignition circuit relay
3) Relay 2 main ignition circuits
4 Relay of window lifters
5 Thermal fuse (central locking)
F1 20A (20A) Rear window defogger
F2 10 A (10A) Anti-lock braking system (ABS), brake lights
F3 10 A (10A) Interior lighting lamps, fog lights
F5 10 A (10A) Turn on lights / alarms
F6 10 A (10A) Air conditioning, anti-theft system, audio antenna, automatic transmission control system, clock, diagnostic connector, immobilizer, instrument cluster, remote control system with central locking, car speed sensor
F7 10 A (10A) Audio system, audio antenna
F8 10 A (10A) Seat heating
F10 10 A (10A) Turn on lights / alarms
F11 10 A (10A) SRS (airbag) system, automatic transmission control system, charging system, daytime running light, engine management system failure indicator glow plug, immobilizer, instrument cluster, gauges / indicators, reverse lights, car speed sensor, indicators
F12 10 A (10A) ABS system, audible warning / buzzer, automatic transmission control system, diagnostic connector, daytime running light, low beam / high beam, power windows, engine heater switch, side mirror heater, rear window defogger, remote control central locking system
F13 10 A (10A) Additional idle air control valve (some models), air conditioning system, cooling fan relay
F15 15A (15) Heater / air conditioning
F 16 15A (15) Heater / air conditioning
F17 15A (1 5A) Lighter
F18 20A (20A) Headlight washers
F19 10 A (10A) Heated exterior mirror heater
F20 10 A (10A) Daytime running lights, electronic engine control unit (start signal)
F21 10 A (10A) Engine control unit, immobilizer
F22 15A (15A) Engine control system, fuel pump relay
F23 15A (15A) Engine management system (ZD30)
F24 10 A (10A) Airbag
F25 10 A (10A) Engine management
F26 20A (20A) Windshield wiper/washer
F27 10 A (10A) Audible warning / buzzer, headlight equalizer, front / rear (left), left license plate light, switch illumination
F28 10 A (10A) Dimensions front / rear (right), right license plate light

Engine compartment fuse panel

The fusebox is located in the engine compartment (on the right side).

Nissan Navara – fuse diagram – engine compartment
ZA Component
FA 80 A / 100 A. Battery power distribution (gasoline 80 A, diesel 100 A).
full board 60A / 80A Glow plugs (60A-YD engine, 80A-except YD engine)
FC 40 A. Central locking, electric windows
FD 30A Cooling fan motor
FF 40 A. Ignition
FG 30A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
FH 30A Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
FI 30A Multifunction switch, daytime running lights
F31 10 A Charging system
F32 10 A Horn (s)
F33 10 A Engine management system, immobilizer (gasoline)
F35 10 A Engine management system (diesel)
F36 20A Engine management system, immobilizer (diesel)
F37 15A Combination switch, daytime running light, low beam / high beam, headlamps, fog lamps
F38 15A Multifunction switch, daytime running light, low beam / high beam, headlights
F39 10 A Public address system
F40 15A Fog lights (some models)
1 Cooling fan relay
2) A/C compressor solenoid clutch relay
3) Horn relay
4 Starting interlock relay („P” / „N”)
5 Relay of the engine control system