Peugeot 206 – from DAM 9062 – fuse box

Peugeot 206 – from DAM 9062, multiplexed

Fuse box (BSI) near the teering column

Peugeot 206 – BSI fuses
Fuse Ampere ratimg [A] Protected circuit
F1 15 Heated seat
F4 20 Lighting: multifunction screen, navigation, trunk
F5 15 Automatic transmission diagnostics
F6 10 Automatic transmission coolant level
F7 15 ECU of driving school, alarm calculator
F9 30 Electric rear window
F10 40 Rear window and mirror fogging
F11 15 Rear windshield wiper
F12 30 Electric front windows, sun roof
F14 10 Engine wiring housing, COM 2000
F15 15 Instruments, multifunction screen, air conditioning, radio
F 16 30 Openings, locking, jam control.
F20 10 Right stop light
F21 15 Left stop light, additional stop light
F22 30 Front ceiling lamp, front map reading lamp, cigarette lighter
F $ 1` Turn

Fuse box (BM34) under the cover

Fuse Ampere ratimg [A] Protected circuit
F1 10 Reversing lights, dual injection relay, engine oil temperature, fluid level, air conditioning compressor
F2 15 Fuel pump, canister solenoid valve
F4 10 Engine ECU and automatic transmission
F7 20 Headlight washer
F8 20 Direct injection ECU, injection ECU control relay, injection calculator
F9 15 Left dipped headlights
F10 15 Right dipped headlights
F11 10 Left-hand high beam
F12 10 Right high beam
F13 15 Corner
F14 10 Front and rear windshield washer pump.
F15 30 Ignition coil, screen wiper, O² sensor, oil pressure, injection
F 16 30 Air pump relay
F17 30 Front windshield wipers low and high
F18 30 AC blower motor, starter

Fuse maxi BM34

Peugeot 206 – BSI fuses
Fuse Rating in amperes [A]. Protected circuit
F1 20 Fan
F2 60 ABS
F3 30 ABS
F4 70 Feed to BSI
F5 70 Feed to BSI
F7 30 Anti-Theft contact power supply

WARNING: Terminal and wire harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model and market.