Peugeot 306 DAM 8211 – fuse box diagram

Peugeot 306 with DAM 8211 – fuse box diagram

All models with passenger compartment protection module.

Fuse box under the steering column – BF 30

Fuse Rating in amperes [A] Delivery Protected circuit
F2 7,5 Ignition + ve Automatic transmission calculator
F4 5 Ignition + ve Passenger airbag neutralization, instrument panel, passenger compartment protection, coolant temp. unit, automatic transmission selector illumination, selector locking device
F5 25 Ignition + ve Stop lamps, pressure switch, ABS, air conditioning compressor, left cooling fan.
F6 5 Clock and automatic temp. display, passenger compartment protection unit, instruments, trunk light.
F7 30 Rear window heating
F8 20 Passenger compartment protection unit, radio
F9 20 Engine calculator, air conditioning compressor, fan.
F10 20 Emergency light switch, front and rear interior lights
F11 10 Side lights + Hazard switch – light switch, clock and temp display, radio, ashtray light, headlight height adjustment, rheostat light, front cigarette lighter, heated rear window, heated seat, air conditioning controller, gear shift indicator light
F12 10 Rear fog lights
F13 30 Battery + Electric hood relay (power)
F14 30 Battery + Rear electric window, heated seats
F15 20 Battery + Towing hook
F 16 30 Battery + Electric front windows, sun roof
F17 20 Battery + Light switch
F18 10 Front fog light
F19 10 Side lights + Right taillight.
F20 30 Ignition ve + AC blower motor, AC ECU, stepper motor for mixer and intake flap.
F21 10 Side lights + Headlights, left taillight, running lights or light switch
F22 10 Acc + ve Heated rear window, AC blower
F23 20 Acc + ve Front cigarette lighter
F23B 20 Battery + ve Front cigarette lighter
F24 10 Acc + ve Radio
F24B 10 Battery + ve Radio
F25 10 Acc + ve Convertible, hood, central unit power supply and switch
F26 30 Acc + ve Cleaning and washing the windshield
F27 15 Acc + ve Emergency light switch, rain sensor, front and rear interior lights, map reading light, cosmetic mirror, cabin air thermistor
F28 15A Acc + ve Battery light, clock and temp Exterior display, rear electric window, rear heated seat, electric front windows, sunroof, rear windshield wiper

Fuse box in the engine compartment – BF12

Fuse Rating in amperes [A]. Delivery Protected circuit
F29 10 + Dipped beam Left dipped beam
F30 10 + dipped beams Right dipped beam
F31 10 + main-beam headlamp Left-hand high beam
F32 10 + high beam Right high beam
F33 15 + wound. relay Injection ECU (DW 10 engine)
F34 10 + wound. relay Oxygen sensor
F35 15 + wound. relay Fuel pump
F36 20 Battery + Headlight washer timer
F37 40 Battery + Cooling fan.
F39 40 Battery + Spare fuse (fan unit)
F40 40 Battery + Cooling fan

Fuse box (4) in the engine compartment – BMF1

Fuse Rating in amperes [A]. Supply Protected circuit
MF1 40 Battery + Ignition switch.
MF2 60 Light and signal switch, ventilation, heating and air conditioning, front fog lights, diagnostic connector
MF3 60 ABS
MF4 60 Power supply for the fuse box in the passenger compartment

WARNING: Terminal and wire harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model and market.