Peugeot 306 to VIN from 30501001 to DAM 7146 – fuse box diagram

Peugeot 306 to VIN 30501001 to DAM 7146 – fuse box diagram

Fuse box under the steering column – BF 30

Fuse Rating in amperes [A] Delivery Protected circuit
F1 10 ACC + Radio
F1A 10 Battery + Radio
F2 5 Ignition + ve Instrument panel warning lights, tachometer, fuel gauge, coolant thermostat, shift lever light (automatic)
F3 15 Ignition + ve Fan relay, pressure switch, AC compressor shutdown relay
F4 10 + side light Front position light, right tail light
F5 10 + after Ign. off Heater blower, engine passenger compartment sensor, rear window heating timer switch
F6 10 Side lights + ve Front fog lights
F7 20 Battery + ve Cooling fan thermal switch, fan relay, coolant thermostat, horns
F9 5 Side lights + Left rear lamp
F10 30 Battery + ve Electric rear window
F11 30 Battery + ve Hood (convertible)
F12 10 Ignition + ve Instrument panel warning light, starter lock switch and relay, reverse lights, over-speed buzzer, fuel water sensor, dimmers, coolant level sensor
F13 15 Battery + ve Emergency warning
F14 15 Battery + ve Power supply for dipped beam relay, coded anti-start unit
F15 30 Battery + ve Front and rear ceiling light, trunk light, infrared receiver, central locking, slow speed fan power relay, coolant temperature. unit, thermal switch
F 16 20 Battery + ve Lighter
F16A 20 Acc + ve Lighter
F17 20 Battery + ve Central locking, deadbolt
F18 10 Dipped headlights + Rear fog lights
F19 10 + Side lamp Side warning light, buzzer lights up. Lighting: clock, switch, instrument panel, radio, cigarette lighter.
F20 30 + after Ign. off Heated seats
F21 30 + after Ign. off A/C blower/heater motor, mixing flap motor, air intake flap motor, AC switch, A/C calculator, temp. sensor.
F22 20 Acc + ve Rear windshield wiper, rear interior light (Affaire), central locking, dead lock
F23 Turn Battery + ve
F24 30 Acc + ve Windshield and rear window wiper, headlight and windshield washer
F25 5 Battery + ve Alarm clock
F26 20 Battery + ve Electric antenna, caravan plug connector
F27 30 Battery + ve Heated rear window, heated mirrors. Rear window defogger (convertible).
F28 15A Acc + Instrument panel warning lights, auxiliary control, stop lights, front and rear electric front windows, opening roof, warning light, digital clock, electric hood
F29 30 Battery + ve Electric front windows, sun roof.
F30 15 Acc + Turn signals, front and rear interior lights, map reading light, cosmetic mirror light, one-touch window control, infrared receiver, electrically operated mirrors, lights on buzzer

Fuse box under the hood (battery + ve unit)

Fuse Rating in amperes [A] Delivery Protected circuit
F31 30 Battery + ABS
F32 Roll over
F33 40 Fan, instrument panel warning lights
F34 40 Fan
F35 10 Ignition + Fuel pump
F36 30 Oxygen sensor

WARNING: Terminal and wire harness assignments for individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model and market.