Renault Clio Sport Tourer (2015-2016) – fuses diagram

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Renault Clio Sport Tourer (2015-2016) – fuse diagram

Year of production: 2015, 2016

Fuse allocation

Renault Clio Sport Tourer – fuse diagram


Fuse Assignment
1 Windshield wiper, controls under the steering wheel
2) Front left daytime running lights, right side lights, left high beam, right low beam, front fog lights
3) Interior lighting, license plate lights, fog lights
4 Right side lights, rear side lights
5 Left position lights, front position lights
6 Passing lights, right front daytime running lights, left side lights, right high beam headlights
7 Left side low beam headlamp
8 High beam headlamp on the right side
9 High beam headlamp left side, steering column controls
10 Steering column controls, speed limiter / cruise control, interior rearview mirror, lane warning module, parking sensor, auxiliary heating, electric headlight beam adjustment, rear window defroster
11 Central locking, rain and light sensor, steering wheel angle sensor, push button vehicle start, power rear windows
12 Supplemental lighting, trunk light, air conditioning, power windows
13 ABS-ESC, brake switch
14 Steering column controls, brake switch
15 Horn
16 Rear fog lights
17 Lighter
18 Radio and multimedia, diagnostic socket
19 Power steering
20 GPL
21 Airbag, electric locking of steering column
22 Injection, starting, fuel pump
23 Brake switch, rear window wiper, passenger compartment calculator
24 Daytime running lights
25 Electric headlight beam adjustment, rear window, heating, parking sensor, cruise control, radio, heated seat, seat belt warning
26 Automatic transmission
27 Reversing light, rear window wiper, passenger compartment calculator, automatic transmission
28 Instrument panel
29 Steering column controls, alarm
30 Air conditioning, steering column controls, energy calculator
31 Windshield wipers, rear reversing lights, energy calculator
32 Central locking of opening components
33 Directional lights illuminate
34 Passenger compartment calculator, hands-free access
36 Interior lighting, power windows, air conditioning, power side mirrors, stop lights, ABS, passenger compartment ECU