Chevrolet Spark (2005-2010) – fuses diagram

Engine compartment fuse box

Number A Function
Ef1 30 HI cooling fan relay
Ef2 50 EBCM
Ef4 30 I/P fuse block (F1~F5)
Ef5 30 Ignition switch
Ef6 30 Ignition switch
Ef7 10 A/C compressor relay
Ef8 20 Cooling fan relay
Ef9 10 Front fog lamp relay
Ef10 10 Horn, Horn Relay
Ef21 15 Headlight Relay HI
Ef22 15 Fuel pump relay
Ef23 15 Emergency lights
Ef24 20 Fog relay
Ef25 10 TCM, ECM
Ef11 10 Tail lamp, Audio, Hazard light, Fog switch, Air conditioning switch, Shift lever light, DRL relay, DRL relay, DRL relay, Position light and HLLD.
Ef12 10 DRL module, tail lamp, position lamp and HLLD
Ef17 10 LOW headlamp, ECM, rear fog lamp relay, DRL module, headlamp level switch
Ef18 10 Headlight Low
Ef19 15 EI system (Sirius D32), ECM, injector, rough road sensor, EEGR, HO2S, CMP sensor, canister flush solenoid
R1 A/C compressor relay
R2 Main relay
R3 Low speed cooling fan relay
R4 High speed cooling fan relay
R5 Light relay
R6 FRT fog lamp relay
R7 Horn relay
R8 Dipped beam lamp Relay
R9 High beam Relay
R10 Fuel pump relay

Instrument panel fuse lock

Number A Function
F1 15 DRL relay, DRL module
F2 10 DLC, cluster, Tell Tale Box, Immobilizer
F3 10 Sound, battery saver, room lamp, tail lamp
F4 15 CDL relay, central door lock switch, anti-theft control unit
F5 10 Stop lamp switch
F10 10 Cluster, Control box, Stop lamp, Battery saver, Anti-theft control unit, O/D switch
F11 10 SDM
F12 30 Power window switch, Co-Driver power window switch
F13 10 Emergency light, speed limit signal relay, DRL module
F14 15 Engine fuse block
F6 10 Wiper switch, rear wiper motor, defrost relay, defrost switch
F7 15 Wiper switch, wiper relay
F8 10 TR switch (A/T), reverse lamp switch (M/T)
F9 20 Blower switch
F16 10 Electrical OSRVM
F17 15 Cigarette lighter
F18 10 Audio
R1 Rear fog lamp relay / speed limit signaling device
R2 DRL relay
R3 Defrost relay
R4 Wiper relay
R5 Sounder
R6 Battery saver